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Allow us to give your students a memorable, hands-on experience! Choose from the following exciting science safaris.

American Indian Pow Wow Grades Pre-K2-Pre-K4 (30min-1 hour)
An Experience with Native American culture! A unique opportunity for students to learn Native American custom, dance and song by actually doing them in their own classroom! We turn your students into stomping braves and "light as a feather" maidens! Feathers fly everywhere as the young Indians dance authentic Native American dances within the ceremonial circle. What better way to learn about the "First Americans" than to join in an authentic, simulated pow-wow. We will provide all they need to "look the part". When we gather at the outdoor site, young braves will be prepared to take part in the Grass or the Deer Dance, while the maidens will be prepared for the Fancy Shawl or Basket Dance. Original Native American chants and stories will be sung and shared long after we are gone. So prepare your tepee, practice your dance steps and rattle our phone with your request for exciting Indian culture.
Rainforest Investigation Grades Pre-K2-2 (30 minutes - 1 hour)

A unique opportunity for students to see, feel and smell the rainforest in their own classroom!
We turn your students into "Forest Foragers" who search for critters among the forest‘s litter, classify flora & fauna from the forest floor and research the importance and behavior of animals in the rainforest.

Students are encouraged to forage through the forest like "Ecologists“. They draw conclusions regarding the health of rainforests around the world and determine what their part is in rainforest conservation.


Busy Bees Grades Pre-K2-Pre-K4 (30-60 minutes)

An exciting experience with insects! An opportunity for young "entomologists” to understand the importance of insects and the fascinating roles they play in our lives! Associating with arthropods, entomologists will see why there is such a “buzz” about insects. They will understand the importance of these “pests” in our every day lives as well as how bugs have given humans ideas to create many of our day to day products.


Ocean and Beaches

Barnacle Billie/Billy Grades Pre-K2-5 (30-60 minutes)

A unique opportunity for students to see and hear from an old salt about the diversity of our ocean. Students will relate to the ocean & beach as more than a playground, large swimming pool or a place to catch some rays. From the small barnacles to largest sharks, Barnacle Billie/Billy will open eyes to the real treasures that abound along the coast of Florida.


Sensory Safaris

Name That Animal Grades Pre-K2 – K (30-60 minutes)
Skeletons & Skins Grades Pre-K4 – 2 (30-60 minutes)

Exciting experiences with sensory skills! An opportunity for young "Safari Explorers" to feel, touch, hear and smell mystery materials, which have come from different classes of animals. Students use their senses to identify skeletons, skins and pictures of various animals. The Safari Explorers will enhance their ability to solve the mysteries of how animals recognize each other and survive.



Sawgrass Sam Grades Pre-K2-5 (30-60 minutes) 

A unique opportunity for students to see and hear stories and legends about the Pahayokee – they will thrill and fascinate all who hear! Students will relate to the Everglades as more than a fishing place or where danger lies. Sawgrass Sam will open their eyes about the ‘glades to the real treasures we depend on to survive in Florida.

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