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Each of the unique six hour workshops teach techniques, activities and ideas to educators so that their students learn in a fun, hands-on, interactive and inquiry based manner. Science, math, language arts and visual arts are incorporated into every workshop.

  • Life Sciences – focuses on ecosystems, ecology, flora and fauna
  • Physical Sciences – focuses on laws of motion and engineering
  • Earth Sciences – focuses on fossils, rocks and minerals, weather and space
  • Everglades Ecology – a full day immersed in the Everglades, the teacher becomes the student in an in-depth Everglades Experience
  • Coastal Ecology - a full day at Mizell-Johnson (formerly John U. Lloyd Beach) State Park where the teacher becomes the student as a Marine Botanist, Oceanographer and beachcomber in our Coastal Exploration
Approved facilitator for the following workshops
Project WILD, Project WILD Aquatic and/or Growing Up WILD, Backyard School Habitats, Flying WILD

Project WILD is a wildlife focused conservation education program for K-12 educators and their students. It is one of the most widely-used conservation and environmental education programs among educators of students in kindergarten through high school. It is based on the premise that young people and educators have a vital interest in learning about our natural world. A national network of State Wildlife Agency Sponsors ensures that Project WILD is available nationwide --training educators in the many facets of the program. Emphasizing wildlife because of its intrinsic value, Project WILD addresses the need for human beings to develop as responsible citizens of our planet.

Find creative ways to teach science, math or language arts; connect your students with nature; or learn new outdoor skills all within these pages. The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) offers many programs that can enhance your teaching while introducing students to interesting and engaging aspects of fish and wildlife.

To visit the national site, go to, to visit Florida’s resources for teachers through FWC, to

Aquatic Species Collection

Florida Marine Science Educators Association (FMSEA) and the Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) have developed and implemented an aquatic species collection workshop for Florida Educators. Upon successful completion of the workshop, educators receive a 3-year collection certificate form the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission.

The workshop is available to certified Florida teachers and/or employees of educational centers. Certificate holders are eligible to collect specified aquatic species for educational purposes that would be restricted under fishing license guidelines. During the training workshop, participants will discuss collecting alternatives, benefits, collection and transport techniques, methods to minimize environmental impact, restrictions imposed by the Collecting Certificate, available resources, and related activities.

For more information on FMSEA, go to, for FWC, go to


Please email to set up a workshop at your school or with your environmental organization.

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