Pow wow
An Experience with Native American culture!
Grades: PreK2 - PreK4 and K-5

A unique opportunity for students to learn Native American custom, dance and song by actually doing them in their own classroom! We turn your students into stomping braves and "light as a feather" maidens! Feathers fly everywhere as the young Indians dance authentic Native American dances within the ceremonial circle.

What better way to learn about the "First Americans" than to join in an authentic, simulated pow-wow. We will provide all they need to "look the part".

When we gather at the outdoor site, young braves will be prepared to take part in the Grass or the Deer Dance, while the maidens will be prepared for the Fancy Shawl or Basket Dance. Original Native American chants and stories will be sung and shared long after we are gone.

So prepare your tepee, practice your dance steps and rattle our phone with your request for 45 minutes to 1 1/2 hours of exciting Indian culture.

Cost of Program

~ In-School, After Care, Camp and Weekend Programs ~

$125/session – maximum of 25 participants per (Pre-K2-Pre-K4 In-School, Pre-K2-5th Camp/After Care/Weekend 30-60 minutes) session
$150/session – maximum of 25 participants per (K-5th, 1.5-hour) session
Please email and ask for the per participant rate if over the maximum participants per session.


Important Information for Teachers
Prepare for Science Eye to come to your class.

“I loved how she related everything back to respect.” Grade 2-Riverside Elem

“The enthusiasm was wonderful. Our instructor took charge of the class and held their attention.”  100 on rating of the instructor, enthusiasm, patience, and professional approach (out of a possible 10). Grade 2-Riverside Elem

“The students enjoyed themselves very much.  It was wonderful! Lots of fun and laughter.  The students were totally engaged in learning.” Grade 2-Tradewinds Elem.

“The presentation was very organized, well planned out, and interesting.  We all enjoyed it very much.” Grade 3-Pembroke Pines Charter FSU Elem.

“Great program! The students were engaged during the whole presentation.  The instructor was great and had a lot of patience with them.” Grade 1-Pembroke Pines Charter Central Elem.

“Best instructor! Very eager, enthusiasm was high-GREAT!” Grade 2-Winston Park Elem.

“It’s a great program and the instructor does an amazing job.” Grade K-Lighthouse Elem.

“Great as usual! I look forward to seeing you next year.” Grade K-Lighthouse Elem.

“W-O-W! What fun!!! The students and I learned so much!!! Loved it!!” Grade 5-Everglades Elem.

“She’s fabulous! Continue the excellent job!” Grade 2-The Benjamin School

“Presentation was excellent and instructor very child-friendly.” Grade K-Embassy Creek Elem.

“Great job! The students truly enjoyed the Pow Wow! They were very engaged in the lessons and had a wonderful time.” Grade K-Christ Church School

“Absolutely wonderful. It was very informational and went perfect with our curriculum.” Grade 5-Everglades Elem.

“Excellent work! Demonstrated effective curriculum instruction with enthusiasm and patience. Thank you!” Grade 2-Binks Forest Elem

“Fabulous job teaching the significance of the Pow Wow and the elements involved.” Grade 2-Binks Forest Elem.

“Super presentation! Presenter was excellent! She held our students interest, gave hands on opportunities for all students and gave a wealth of information about Native American culture and customs. Students were actively engaged throughout entire hour and one half.” Grade 2-Park Springs Elem.

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