Find a Fossil
Fossil Excavations Right in Your Schoolyard!
Grades K-5

This experience provides a unique opportunity to search through phosphate ore looking for fossils, like shark's teeth, gastropods, skate teeth and mammal bone! Students will act as if they are actually on a paleontology excavation.

Paleontologists Will:

  • Examine Fossil Formation And Phosphate
  • Search Through “Ore Matrix" For Real Fossils
  • Analyze Fossils By Color And Shape
  • Identify Shark Species Based On Teeth Shape
  • Curate The “Fossil Finds”

In 1 ½ hours students transform into Paleontologists in this one-of-a-kind field trip. No where else is such an experience possible (except in the phosphate mines of Bone Valley!).

Cost of Program
~ In-school Programs ~

$185/session – maximum of 25 participants per (1.5-hour block) session
Please email and ask for the per participant rate if over the maximum participants per session.

Important Information for Teachers
Check List Prepare for Science Eye to come to your class.

“Excellent classroom field trip! He maintained the attention of the students the entire time. Very energetic and patient.” Grade 2-Fox Trail Elem.

“We love it!! Instructor is the BEST!! We’ll continue to do it every year!” Grade 2-Cooper City Elem.

“Exciting! I loved learning how fossils are formed and the paleontologist roller coaster!” Grade K-Griffin Elem.

“Excellent presenter. Tuned into individual child needs.” Grade 2-Manatee Bay Elem.

“Thank you so much! The kids had a wonderful time. Thank you for your enthusiasm!” Grade 2-Manatee Bay Elem.

“Kids loved it!! Tied in perfectly with our science unit. Great instructors!!” Grade 2-Manatee Bay Elem.

“Students thoroughly enjoyed presentation and were actively involved!!”  Grade 2-Manatee Bay Elem.

“She did a great job! We will be sure to ask Science Eye to come again next year!” Grade 3-Rosarian Academy

“This find-a-fossil program was outstanding! The instructor was well organized, enthusiastic, and knowledgeable. The children enjoyed this learning experience.” Grade 3-Rosarian Academy

“Amazing! I cannot wait for my students to participate in another one of these fieldtrips! The instructor was AMAZING!” Grade K-Broward Community Charter School West

“The instructor was enthusiastic and energetic. She was excited about doing the presentation and the students loved her! She was very professional and made this field trip a wonderful experience for the students and teachers.” Grade 2-Pembroke Pines Charter Elem School


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