Field Excursion
Everglades Experience
Grades 4 - 12 (entire school day)
The Everglades...The River of Grass… The Pahayokee... A Biosphere Reserve… Florida’s unique natural treasure and the only ecosystem of its kind on the planet! The survival of the Earth depends, in part, on the level of environmental awareness we develop in our children and maintain in ourselves. The potential for change is unlimited if we develop in our children an awareness and appreciation for our natural environment. We believe that this increased awareness in environmental perception and pleasure is most effective when discovered while actually in the ecosystem itself. Come and experience this unique treasure with us on our unforgettable trip into the once mystical “river of grass”. more...
Coastal Exploration
Grades 3-12 (entire school day)
Come share a day at the beach with us and discover that there is much more to our coastline than just a place to catch some rays! Our site location is a unique spot along the coastline of Broward County as it is a truly living beach in John U. Lloyd State Park. The golden sands are not just a place for tourists, but a place for discovery and appreciation of the environment around us. Students are immersed into a hands-on investigation of exploring the dynamic beach/ocean ecosystem. No two days are ever the same as the wind, waves, and tides constantly shape and change the shoreline and what can be discovered along it in our living classroom. Our goal is to have each child realize the difference they can make in the environment by the choices they consider and the impacts each can have on our coastline beaches of Florida. more...
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