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Frequently Asked Questions

What qualifies the Science Eye instructors to teach environmental education?
A: Years of scientific background studies. You can read on the About Us page that all instructors have a BS in a field of environmental science or biology and most have or are currently working on their MS in the same or related fields.

Q: How long are your programs?
A: The programs range from 30 minutes to all day depending on which program you choose, their age/grade level and your student’s personal needs. The descriptions for each program will tell you the length of that program.

Q: Do you only teach in Broward County?
A: No! Although most of our programs are in Broward County where we are based, we do many programs in Palm Beach and some in Miami-Dade. However, if we are going to be on location for a conference, our trip can be extended to do programs at your school – whether you are in Florida or even another state! Please contact us for more information. Also check out “Where Will The Science Eye Be?”

Q: Do you only provide programs for public schools?
A: No! We work with private, home schools and all other organizations and clubs.

Q : If my group is smaller than the minimum required, can we still do your programs?
A: Please contact us at or 1-800-2-SCIENCE to discuss.

Q: What do we need to do to prepare our students for your visit to our class?
A: Please see the individual program pages for specific instructions pertaining to each program.

Q: Since we are a home school group and don’t have a “classroom”, where do you do the programs?
A: You are responsible for finding an area where we can all meet. Some suggestions are libraries, parks, recreational halls, museums and schools.

Q: My child is going on your Everglades Experience field trip, is there anything that can harm her/him?
A: No. There aren’t many mosquitoes, but there are fire ants. Our instructors point out ant piles and student are to always keep a look-out for them. It is a normal “allergic reaction” if there is small swelling or a small raised bump from a mosquito or fire ant bite – this is a natural occurrence for everyone. If your child has any medical conditions or severe allergies, please note this information on the form sent home with your child that MUST be returned in order for your child to participate.  As we all know, we are our own worst enemy when it comes to injuries, however if your child follows our instructors safety guidelines, they will return home in one piece.

Q: My child is going on your Everglades Experience field trip, what should they wear and what should I pack for her/him?
A: Make sure you send with your child:

  • 1 or 2 water bottles
  • A light lunch (drink, fruit/vegetable snacks, sandwich, & cookies are plenty)
  • Sunscreen
  • Hat
  • Sunglasses
  • Long pants
  • Long sleeve shirt to wear over a T-shirt
  • Closed-toe tie or Velcro shoes (no slip-ons, crocs, sandals, flip-flops, etc.)
  • Rain jacket/poncho depending on the weather

Q: If while on the Everglades Experience field trip it begins to rain, thunder and lightening, do you continue the trip?
A: No & Yes! If there are hazardous conditions we have a contingency plan in place that we follow to keep everyone safe (click here to view our contingency plan). If it is just raining, not pouring, we will continue on with the trip. If it looks as if it will storm all day, we will make the decision early in the morning and call the school as soon as possible to reschedule.

Q: Are your instructors prepared for emergencies?
A: Yes! All instructors are 1st Aid & CPR certified. Instructors that drive the airboat are also either lifeguard or SCUBA Rescue certified.

Q: If my child is going on the Everglades Experience field trip, can I drive my own vehicle and meet the bus and you at Everglades Holiday Park?
A: No. It is up to your child’s teacher to choose chaperones and their mode of transportation. Please discuss this with the teacher.

Q: My child is physically disabled, can she/he still participate in the Everglades Experience?
A: Of course! She/he will be able to participate in all activities, although there are some areas that may be self-limiting. One adult may accompany this child with the teacher’s approval.

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