Endander Eco Systems
Become a Wildlife Manager!
Grades 4-5, 6-9

A unique opportunity for students to observe, classify and analyze endangered ecosystems like the wetlands, beaches, forests and deserts – all which are found here in the US! Students become "Wildlife  Managers“ who search for food chains within complex food webs, test natural waters for sources of pollution and contamination, reconstruct a fragmented ecosystem and make decisions which may affect life on earth.

Wildlife Managers Will:

  • Compare Soils Based On Composition
  • Search For Specific Food Chains Within Complex Food Webs
  • Experiment With Polluted Waters
  • Identify Adaptations Of Signature Species
  • Attempt To Reconstruct A Fragmented Ecosystem
  • Concoct Herbal Teas From Medicine Plants (Middle School Only)

For 1 1/2 hours students explore four endangered ecosystems as wildlife managers. They are encouraged to make decisions based on the conclusions drawn from their research.

Cost of Program

~ In-school Programs ~
$165/session – maximum of 25 participants per (1.5-hour block) session
$180/session set – maximum of 25 participants per 2 (50-minute period) sessions (2 days)
Please email and ask for the per participant rate if over the maximum participants per session.

Important Information for Teachers
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“Students had the opportunity to use, in a meaningful way, many of the skills we’ve been working on.” Grade 5- Maplewood Elem

“Did a great job. Related to what we are doing in the classroom.” Grade 5-Tamarac Elem

“Science Eye programs are ALWAYS awesome and the instructors are spectacular! Thank you so much.” Grade 6-Pioneer Middle School.

“Awesome instructor-able to keep a large crowd under control. Very impressive.” Grade 5-Winston Park Elem

“Students were actively engaged and learning from the hands-on experience.” Grade 5-Griffin Elem.

“The material presented was engaging for the students and related to 5th grade curriculum.” Grade 5-Panther Run Elem

“The students really seemed to enjoy studying the different ecosystems. They were excited about learning! The instructor was energetic, patient, well-prepared, and seemed to really enjoy interacting with the students.” Grade 5-Panther Run Elem

“I enjoyed every moment of this experience. The hands on investigation was highly engaging. Throughout the experience students are able to make a connection to a real-world experience.” Grade 7&8-Silver Lakes Middle School

“Great program. Students were very engaged in each process.” Grade 5-Everglades Elem

“Implementation of the program was excellent. The students showed great enthusiasm while they interact. This is a great wonderful experience for the students.” Grade 5-Everglades Elem.

“I’m always so impressed with your program and the instructor.  She was GREAT! It’s wonderful to see the students soooo involved and excited. Thanks for a terrific lesson!” Grade 5-Everglades Elem.

“Really great presentation and activities. Students really received a lot of hands-on experience! Great enthusiasm by presenter. She really related to the students well. Thanks for coming.” Grade 5-Chapel Trail Elem

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