Engineering Marvels - Bridges
Engineering Marvles
Grades 2 - 9+
Putting the E in STEM, this engineering marvel of a program helps our future Civil Engineers make the connections in a team effort to construct the best bridge. Civil engineers learn about the different types of bridges that are utilized every day and which forces act upon them that engineers have to contend with when constructing a bridge. The best part though is taking this knowledge and putting it into practice in this friendly bridge building competition.
Civil Engineers Will:
  • Understand the forces acting on bridges
  • Design a bridge
  • Calculate a budget for their bridge design
  • Build their design
  • Test their design
Cost of Program and Length of Time
In-School: $7.50/participant, 90 minutes
After Care, Weekend, Camp: $150/session up to 25 participants, 60 minutes
Family Science Night: Please call us, we will tailor your program(s) based on the number of participants.
Special pricing is available for smaller or larger groups.

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