Cool Comets
Become an Astronomer!
Grades Pre-K4 through 8

A unique opportunity for students to create a COMET! Find out first-hand about these mysterious intergalactic bodies We turn your students into Astronomers who visit the Oort Cloud to better understand how a comet is created! What better way to understand comet behavior than a true hands-on experience!

Astronomers Will:

  • Travel To Deep Space
  • Add The Ingredients Believed To Construct A Comet
  • Create A Comet Found In The Oort Cloud
  • Learn the States of Matter

Astronomers will be amazed as comets begin to appear right before their eyes! They will recognize how “cool” a comet really is and the important roll the sun plays in a comet’s rotation.

Cost of Program

~ In-school Programs, After Care, Camp and Weekend Programs ~
$150/session – maximum of 25 participants per (Pre-K3-1st 30-60 minutes) session
$165/session set – maximum of 25 participants per (2nd-8th, 75 minutes) session
Please email and ask for the per participant rate if over the maximum participants per session.

~ Family Science Night ~
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Important Information for Teachers
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“Excellent job. Great energy. You did a great job all week.” Grade 2-Westchester Elem

“The instructor was very professional, informative, and entertaining! Great job!” Grade 4-Stirling Elem

“This is our second year doing this field trip and it still is great! The kids loved it and they learned a lot.” Grade 2-Westchester Elem

“The program was very interesting and engaging for the students. The instructor did a fabulous job.” Grade 2-Westchester Elem

“Presentation was excellent. Enthusiasm was superb!! Questioning was very age appropriate.” Grade 2-Fox Trail Elem

“He was very entertaining, energetic, and kept the students really engaged and interested. My class loved it!” Grade 2-Fox Trail Elem

“Excellent presentation! Kept students engaged the entire time. Very energetic and knowledgeable. Works well with students-very patient and explains everything in a way students can understand and relate to.” Grade 2-Fox Trail Elem

“Change nothing-this program is awesome!” Grade 2-Challenger Elem

“Wow! Full of energy, keeps the children’s interest. Very age appropriate language and terms.” Grade 2-Challenger Elem


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