Buggy Bug
An Exciting Experience with Insects!
Grades Pre-K4-2

An opportunity for young "entomologists“ to understand the importance of insects and the fascinating roles they play in our lives!

Entomologists Will:

  • Mimic Metamorphosis
  • Assemble Insect Anatomy
  • Arrange Arthropods Through Taxonomy
  • Compare Adaptations
  • Earn Their Wings!

For 1 hour students will associate with arthropods. Entomologists will see why there is such a “buzz” about insects. They will understand the importance of these “pests” in our every day lives as well as how bugs have given humans ideas to create many of our day to day products.

Cost of Program

~ After Care, Camp and Weekend Programs ~
$125/program - maximum of 25 participants per (30-60 minutes) session
Please email and ask for the per participant rate if over the maximum participants per session.

~ Family Science Night ~
Email for more information

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