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Happy Birthday
The Science Eye wants to wish your child a very Happy Birthday by providing an exciting science excursion of your (or their) choice. You provide the children and cake and we will provide an hour-long (or more depending on the program) immersion into a scientific topic: geology, paleontology, biology, astronomy, or engineering. Now don’t worry, our programs are nothing like that boring class you took in college. Trust us, we know how to make learning at a birthday, tons of fun. Our birthday programs will have all the children (and even the adults) completely involved. Everyone will leave with not only their stomach full of cake, but their brains full of knowledge and fun memories. The Science Eye will even have a special gift for the birthday child. Contact us today to set up a birthday program for your child. Our birthday parties are geared for groups up to 25 children, but we may be able to accommodate larger groups, just email for special arrangements.
Barnacle Billie/Billy ocean
Do you want a birthday party for your child that doesn’t include a clown? Well, Barnacle Billie/Billy is an old salt who has many a story to tell about the seas of our planet. Be ready for an hour-long interactive experience which your fishbirthday child and friends are bound to “wave” about. They will get an idea of the diversity of our oceans from the stories our beach resident has about from the small barnacle, to our beach nesting sea turtles, to the top predators…sharks, as well as others in this birthday party interaction. So clear your schedules, spread out your beach blanket, slice some cake, scoop some ice cream, and slather on the sunscreen as Barnacle Billie/Billy comes to your child’s birthday party. We will be 100% responsible for any fun or learning that occurs.
Broward County: $150 | Palm Beach or Miami-Dade County: $175

Does your child love the beach for more than just playing in the water? Do they enjoy searching for shells and other treasures that wash up? Celebrate your child’s birthday with us out at the beach. Over the course of three hours we will explore various aspects of the beach and ocean better understanding how the beach was even formed! Through various activities they will determine where best to live by the coast, how to identify plants which can play an important role in their survival, what may be lurking in the waters at the shoreline and so much more! What a great way to spend a birthday - at the beach!!! Please wear clothes that can get wet and shoes that are secure on the feet (water shoes, tight sandals, old tennis shoes, etc.). Everyone will need a towel to sit on and make sure to bring appropriate sun care items since it is often sunny and hot in South Florida. Once the program is booked, exactly where to meet at Mizell-Johnson State Park (formerly John U. Lloyd Beach State Park) will be given. Minimum of 15, maximum of 30 participants. Please note, there is an entrance fee into the state park: $4/individual within a vehicle, $6/vehicle with up to 8 passengers.

All Counties: $20/person
Comet Questgalaxy
Do you have an aspiring astronomer in your family? Don’t want to wait until 2061 to see Haley’s comet? Well we have a unique opportunity for your child and their friends to create a comet! Find out first-hand about these mysterious cometintergalactic bodies, or as some call them…dirty snowballs. We turn your birthday party into an out of this world excursion as we will travel into “Deep Space” to visit the Oort Cloud to better understand how a comet is created! You might have added the ingredients to bake the birthday cake, but your birthday child and friends will add the ingredients to make a model of a comet. No telescopes or forks needed for our comets. Just be ready to have some fun. Astronomers will be amazed as comets begin to appear right before their eyes! They will find out how “cool” a comet is in our universe.
Broward County: $175 | Palm Beach or Miami-Dade County: $200
Everglades Encounterseverglades alligator
Does your child crave adventure and excitement? Do they love the outdoors? Come celebrate your child’s birthday with us out at our field site in the Everglades. We will take your birthday child and their friends on a real Everglades adventure at Everglades Holiday Park. Over the course of three hours we will safely explore parts of the Everglades by airboat looking for birds, alligators and who knows what else, since where we go is not a zoo, but the wild where the alligatoranimals can move freely. We will even make some scientific measurements like real wildlife biologists. Our trip is not over yet, we want to give the children some time to look at and identify the small critters that live in the water that are often missed while cruising on the airboat. We will finish the day with a true immersion into the Everglades as we slog through the slough and playing a little hide-and-go seek like the Seminoles did with the U.S. Army in the sawgrass. This birthday party adventure is one that your birthday child and their friends will not soon forget. Please bring clothes and closed toed shoes that are okay with getting wet and muddy. Every child should bring a long-sleeved shirt and long pants to cover their arms and legs while going through the sawgrass. We will meet at our green lab shack at the back of Everglades Holiday Park-directions will be given when the program is booked. Minimum of 15, maximum of 28 participants.
All Counties: $22/person
Fossil Mania fossils
Is your child fascinated by creatures that lived millions of years ago? Don’t have the technology to build a time machinepaleontologist for your inquisitive paleontologist? Not too worry, the Science Eye has a fun filled, hands-on paleontology experience for your birthday child! This unique experience provides an opportunity to search through the Bone Valley Formation in the comfort of your backyard looking for Cenozoic fossils like shark's teeth, gastropods, skate teeth, mammal bone, sea lily stems and more! Your birthday child and their friends will act as if they are actually on a paleontology excavation as they transform into paleontologists and learn how to identify different fossils and what they tell us about Florida’s past in this one-of-a-kind birthday party. Nowhere else is such an experience possible (except in actual phosphate mines or fossil beds of central Florida!). While you give the children a chance to dig into some cake, we will let them excavate a fossil bed set up in your backyard. This party is an excellent chance for your paleontologist and their friends to get a great start on their own fossil collection.
Broward County: $200 | Palm Beach or Miami-Dade County: $225
Gems Galoregemstones
Do you have a child that is constantly digging in the ground? It is possible you just might have a geologist in your family. The Science Eye has the perfect birthday party event to help shine some luster on it. We will train your birthday geologist and their friends on how minerals form and also how to be able to recognize them. Once they got the know-how we will take them on a trip to both the Appalachian and Rocky Mountains - all in your backyard. Yeah, we are that good. They will all get to do some placer mining in our “river” and extract any minerals they find-even the ellusive sapphire. Everyone will go home with their own geology collection and custom-made pendant. Please blame us when your birthday child digs this geology adventure, cause it is going to “rock”.
Broward County: $200 | Palm Beach or Miami-Dade County: $225
Magnificent Metamorphosisinsects
Has your child been “bugging” you to have a birthday party? The Science Eye has the perfect birthday party for your Insect 1emerging entomologist. For one hour we will demonstrate different ways in which insects search for and eat their food for your birthday child and their friends. It is possible you might see some new ways in which your birthday cake will be consumed. We will continue with some fun insect metamorphosis aerobics-you do want to burn off the cake energy don’t you. Plus, we have fun way to talk about the different parts of an insect and the role they play in our world. Not too worry, this party will cap it all off with the famous bee dance. Warning: there could be uncontrolled abdomen shaking once this bee dance off begins.
Broward County: $175 | Palm Beach or Miami-Dade County: $200
Mission: Rocket Launchrocket launch
What child is not fascinated by or dreams of traveling into space as an astronaut one day? The Science Eye has the perfect birthday party that is sure to be an absolute blast. The birthday child and their friends will be able to work together in engineering teams just like they do at the Kennedy Space Center. They will assemble their rocket following a set of “engineering” blue print instructions. Once they have completed the construction the team will move out to the launch site and be able to see their rocket in action, tracking its flight angle so they can determine the maximum height it reaches. We can be held responsible if your child gets hooked on rocketry. There is nothing like it on Earth. Please note that this birthday activity will require a large enough open space to launch and recover the rockets, like in a park. Please make sure that rocket launches are okay with the park supervisor.
rocket launch
Broward County: $225 | Palm Beach or Miami-Dade County: $250
Sawgrass Samsawgrass sam
Has your child ever wondered what your backyard used to be like before your house was built? Sawgrass Sam can answer that question and more about South Florida’s backyard-the Everglades. Don’t worry too much about the dirt and smell that comes with Sam, it will rain soon enough. Get ready for an interactive birthday experience as Sawgrass Sam will take your birthday child and their friends on an adventure of how this important ecosystem should work, share stories about the neighborhood critters, and other bits of knowledge. The one who has spent so much time immersed in this marsh will spend an hour at your child’s birthday party. Sam will even bring some sawgrass to help cut the cake. Get ready, put on some bug spray, bring out the slogging pole as Sawgrass Sam brings the Everglades to your birthday party. Sam will be held accountable for any fun or learning that will happen. Please don’t stare too hard at any cake crumbs on the chin.
Broward County: $150 | Palm Beach or Miami-Dade County: $175


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