Amazing Oceans
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Salty Seas in School
Grades 3-5, 6-9
The salty seas come to your classroom! Students become marine biologists in this hands-on, inquiry based program. They will step into the shoes of Jacques Cousteau & Silvia Earle studying the ocean ecosystem while learning that anyone and everyone can be a conservationist. Marine biologists will study and analyze the make-up and importance of the water and what lives in it – from big to small. There is much to do determining: which body of water has what level of salinity, how a fish’s adaptations dictates where it lives, how to use a dichotomous key, what is an otolith and how it helps fisheries managers – and so much more! Here in Florida, the ocean is all around us – let us help your students discover what makes up our Blue Planet.

Marine biologists will:

  • Determine Salinity
  • Fashion a Fish
  • Classify Shells & Label Their Structures
  • Determine “What’s At The Top?”
  • Ascertain an Unknown Habitat
  • Analyze Otoliths
Cost Of Program

~ In-school Programs ~
$150/session – maximum of 25 participants per (1.5-hour block) session
$175/session set – maximum of 25 participants per 2 (50-minute period) sessions (2 days)

Please email and ask for the per participant rate if over the maximum participants per session.

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