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We will bring fun & exciting hands-on experiences right to your room. Choose from the following science safaris....

American Indian Pow Wow Grades Pre-K2-Pre-K4 (45min-1 hour), K-5 (1½ hours)
An Experience with Native American culture! A unique opportunity for students to learn Native American custom, dance and song by actually doing them in their own classroom! We turn your students into stomping braves and "light as a feather" maidens! Feathers fly everywhere as the young Indians dance authentic Native American dances within the ceremonial circle. What better way to learn about the "First Americans" than to join in an authentic, simulated pow-wow. We will provide all they need to "look the part". When we gather at the outdoor site, young braves will be prepared to take part in the Grass or the Deer Dance, while the maidens will be prepared for the Fancy Shawl or Basket Dance. Original Native American chants and stories will be sung and shared long after we are gone. So prepare your tepee, practice your dance steps and rattle our phone with your request for exciting Indian culture.

Desert Detectives Grades K-5 (1 hour)

In all the world there is only one Sonoran Desert...through education and awareness we hope to insure its existence for future generations! Students become "Desert Explorers” who examine, compare, analyze, observe, construct and create.

Explorers will study all aspects of the desert including flora, fauna and ancient civilizations. They will find out for themselves that the desert isn’t the dry and desolate place people often think of. This is a unique opportunity to touch the desert without hours of travel!


Rainforest Investigations Grades Pre-K2-2 (30 minutes - 1 hour) NEW PROGRAM!

Forest Foragers Grades K-5 (1 hour)

A unique opportunity for students to see, feel and smell the forest in their own classroom!
We turn your students into "Forest Foragers" who search for critters among the forest‘s litter, classify flora & fauna from the forest floor, make herbal teas using medicinal plants and research the importance and behavior of worms.

Students are encouraged to forage through the forest like "Ecologists“. They draw conclusions regarding the health of forests around the world and determine what their part is in forest conservation.


Fossil Safari Grades K-8 (1 hour)

Fun filled, hands-on paleontology experiences!  These unique experiences provide unique opportunities to search through phosphate ore and special soils looking for fossils like shark's teeth, gastropods, skate teeth, mammal bone, sea lily stems and more! Students will act as if they are actually on a paleontology excavation. Students transform into Paleontologists in these one-of-a-kind field trips. No where else is such an experience possible (except in actual phosphate mines or fossil beds!).

Animal Encounters
Animal Encounters

Busy Bees Grades Pre-K2-Pre-K4 (30-45 minutes)
Buggy Bugs Grades Pre-K4-2 (1 hour)

An exciting experience with insects! An opportunity for young "entomologists” to understand the importance of insects and the fascinating roles they play in our lives! Associating with arthropods, entomologists will see why there is such a “buzz” about insects. They will understand the importance of these “pests” in our every day lives as well as how bugs have given humans ideas to create many of our day to day products.

Remarkable Reptiles Grades K-8 (1 hour) NEW PROGRAM!
Herpetologists have an opportunity to explore the class of Reptilia and those specific to what can be found here in Florida. They discuss the history and characteristics that make reptiles unique from the other classes of animals. Three of the four orders and adaptations are compared in order to understand how each group is best suited to survive in their respective niche. Our study explores the differences between alligators and crocodiles, turtle identification and sea turtle conservation, as well as a discussion on snakes.


Ocean and Beaches

Barnacle Billie/Billy Grades Pre-K2-5 (1 hour) NEW PROGRAM!
Sea & Sand Grades Pre-K4-2 (1 hour)

A touch of the ocean & beach at your own school! A unique opportunity for students to see, feel and smell the ocean & beach in their own classroom! "Beach Keepers” & “Marine Biologists” will see and feel for themselves what a dynamic zone the beach really is and needs to remain! Our theme of marine preservation and wise management will encourage all to keep a keen eye on the future of this salty scene!

Students will relate to the ocean & beach as more than a playground or a place to "catch some rays". First-hand experience with the "elements" which make up and end up on the beach will open eyes to the real treasures that abound along this popular strip of Florida.

Rocks &
Rocsk and minerals

Mining Madness Grades K – 8 (1 hour)

Geology courses in a bucket! These unique experiences provide students the opportunity to dig into a portion of authentic gem-bearing gravel in search for minerals like rubies, sapphires, turquoise and more! The “Geology In A Bucket” program also introduces an in-depth study into rock formation and testing techniques. Students will act as if they are actually on a geology fieldtrip.

Students transform into miners, gemologists, jewelers and much more in these one-of-a-kind field trips. No where else is such an experience possible close to home!


Sensory Safaris

Name That Animal Grades Pre-K2 – K (30-45 minutes) NEW PROGRAM!
Skeletons & Skins Grades Pre-K4 – 2 (1 hour)

Exciting experiences with sensory skills! An opportunity for young "Safari Explorers" to feel, touch, hear and smell mystery materials, which have come from different classes of animals. Students use their senses to identify skeletons, skins and pictures of various animals. The Safari Explorers will enhance their ability to solve the mysteries of how animals recognize each other and survive.



Rockin’ Rockets Grades 1-5 (1 hour) NEW PROGRAM!

In Rockin’ Rockets students will learn how engineers in the first century BC were able to create a propulsive force generated by steam; how the Chinese created pop, or chemical rockets! Then, rocket engineers will design, build and launch these early engine rockets.

In Rocket Rally, teams of rocket engineers will build model rockets without going to Cape Canaveral! They will learn real procedures just as it is done at the Kennedy Space Center. 

These are great experiences for a group of aspiring "Rocketeers” who would like to become part of the space age. We’re ready for blast off!

Cool Comets Grades Pre-K4- 9 (1 hour) 

A unique opportunity for students to create a comet! Find out first-hand about these mysterious intergalactic bodies, or as some call dirty snowballs... We turn your students into Astronomers who visit the Oort Cloud to better understand how a comet is created! What better way to understand comet behavior than a true hands-on experience!

Astronomers will be amazed as comets begin to appear right before their eyes! They will recognize how “cool” a comet really is and the important roll the sun plays in a comet’s orbit.



Sawgrass Sam Grades Pre-K2-5 (1 hour) IT'S BACK!
Wetland Wonders Grades K–6 (1 hour)

A unique opportunity for students to see, feel and smell the Everglades in their own classroom! We turn your students into wildlife biologists who search for critters among the ‘glades grasses. They'll meet the reptile cousins, touch a real ‘gator skull, smell the peat, see what an owl ate for dinner and much more! Stories and legends about the Pahayokee will thrill and fascinate all who hear!

Students will relate to the Everglades as more than a fishing place or where danger lies. Wildlife Biologists will have first-hand experience with the ‘glades that will open their eyes to the real treasures that we depend on to survive in Florida. They will be our future “Glades Guardians”.

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