Coastal Excursion
ocean waves
Explore the Wonders of the Coast
Ages 6 and up
Perfect for Camp and Weekend Outings!
Shuffle through the sand and search for what has helped make South Florida a visitor’s hot spot. Observe what so many who visit the beach miss…from sand fleas to gumbo limbo trees!
During the ....    
Introduction, participants are introduced to the formation processes and anatomy of our beaches and how they have changed over the last 100 years. All program choices include the introduction.
Beach Hide and Seek Beach Decepticons, learn about camouflage and adaptations. Marine Biologists create a unique beach critter that only “predators” with the best senses will be able to detect.seastar
Beach Treasure Hunt, teams use clues to find more clues to find more clues… to uncover hidden treasures. Only Marine Biologist have the skills and senses to unearth the booty. beach treasure hunt
coastal appetite Coastal Appetite, teams comb the wrack line and dig at the tide line looking for organisms big and small that use the beach for shelter and food. After the beachcombers find curious items we all come together to identify and discuss the findings.crab running
Critter or Litter, Participants learn how the ocean is an amazing combination of biology and physics and how the ocean currents move food, organisms and plants around the world – picking up and carrying trash along the way. Besides the gyres out in the open ocean collecting trash, so does our coast… Teams will participate in a Mini-Beach-Cleanup taking note of what critters have adapted to making trash their homes. (Surgical gloves and trash bags are provided)
critter or litter
pigment parade Pigment Parade, participants walk along the dune trails and hammock boardwalk looking for the good, the bad and the pretty. Recognizing various plants is important if you want to make a living fence, relieve a sunburn or avoid an irritating rash…
Plankton Tow, each team member tosses, tows and taps out tiny organisms from their plankton net. Identification charts help the scientists discover what creates the majority of the oxygen on the planet as well as what helps feed the gigantic whale shark!seaweed plankton tow
sandcastle and storm surge Sand Castles & Storm Surges, teams discover the impact we make by building homes, shopping centers and more on our beaches. After building sand castles the “home and shopping center owners” realize the fury of a hurricane depending on where they built their structure…
The Coastal Excursion takes place on the beach: parking at the first parking lot, taking the north boardwalk at John U. Lloyd Beach State Park (6503 N. Ocean Drive Dania Beach, Florida 33004). Programs are 1.5 to 3.5 hours depending on the combination level you choose. May through October all levels take place in the morning hours to avoid the afternoon rains that occur during the wet season.
Cost of Program
There are 3 different Levels of the Coastal Excursion. All include the introduction. See below for what each includes.
Florida ManateeManatee – Choose six (6) of the activities above. (3.5 hours) $375/program with a max of 25 participants.

Florida Manatee

Green Sea TurtleSea Turtle - Choose four (4) of the activities above. (2.5 hours) $350/program with a max of 25 participants.

Green Sea Turtle

Great BarracudaBarracuda - Choose two (2) of the activities above. (1.5 hours) $325/program with a max of 25 participants.

Great Barracuda

If you have more than 25 participants, please call us to discuss options.
Please be advised that there is an entrance fee into the park: either $2/person or $60 flat fee for 30 or more on a bus. This is the State Park's fee. If you would like us to provide the transportation, and the park's fee is included, please call us for rates.
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