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Grades Pre-K2 through 5th

Sawgrass Sam is back! Don’t worry too much about the dirt and smell, it will rain soon enough. Get ready for an interactive experience of our backyard…the Everglades. Sawgrass Sam will take your class on an adventure of how this important ecosystem should work, share stories about the neighborhood critters, and other bits of knowledge. The one who has spent so much time immersed in this marsh will spend an hour with your class. Get ready, put on some bug spray, bring out the slogging pole as Sawgrass Sam brings the Everglades to your school.

Cost of Program

In-school, Enrichment for the Disabled, After Care,
Camp, and Weekend Programs

$125/program - maximum of 25 participants per (30-60 minutes) session
Please email and ask for the per participant rate if over the maximum participants per session.

Important Information for Teachers
Check List Prepare for Science Eye to come to your class. - Coming soon!

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