Rockin Rockets

Experiment with the Principles of Force & Motion!

Grades PreK4-8
Students will learn how engineers in the first century BC were able to create a propulsive force generated by steam; how the Chinese created pop, or chemical rockets! Then, rocket engineers will design, build and launch these early engine rockets.

Aerospace Engineer Teams Will:

  • Thoroughly Understand Action-Reaction
  • Determine the Distance & Average Distance of Congreve (paper) Rockets
  • Design & Test Hero Engines
  • Build, Launch & Calculate the Altitude of Goddard (chemical "pop") Rockets
Aerospace Engineers will learn how our modern-day rockets came about by constructing the engines that made it all happen. They will learn safety, yet understand all the procedures, including trial and error, that need to be followed in order to have a successful launch and that there are many variables when it comes to rocket engineering. Your students will be “fueled up” after this experience!
Cost of Program

~ In-school Programs ~
Pre-K4-1 grade ~ 1-hour ~ $150/session ~ Congreve rockets (individual)
2nd-3nd grade~ 1.5-hours ~ $165/session ~ Congreve rockets & Hero engines (teams)
4th-8th grade *special programs* ~ 1.5-hours ~ $165/session ~ Congreve rockets, Hero engines & Goddard rockets (teams)


~ After Care, Camp and Weekend Programs ~
Pre-K4+ ~ 30-60 minutes ~ $150/session ~ Congreve rockets (individual)


Maximum of 25 participants/session. Please email and ask for the per participant rate if over the maximum participants per session.

~ Family Science Night ~
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