Geology in a Bucket
When You Can’t Visit the Mountain to Study the Rock Cycle,
Bring A Piece of the Mountain to Your Classroom!
Grades 6-9
Rocks and mineral take on a new meaning in this exciting hands-on experience with rocks and minerals. Teams of geologists determine luster, hardness using Mohs scale, color based on streak, and crystal shape to classify the rocks and minerals from a sample source. Using these characteristics as clues, and a flow chart like a dichotomous key, the geology teams will identify and distinguish between them.

Gemologists will:

  • Determine luster (including transparency, translucency, and opaqueness)
  • Determine hardness based on Mohs scale technique
  • Determine crystal shape
  • Identify unknown specimens using the techniques applied to the sample
  • Complete a journal from the specimens found
  • Geologists will have their own specimens to keep and carry out further research
Geologists will identify samples using various methods, find naturally occurring specimens from the US, then use the characteristic criteria of luster, hardness, crystal shape and color to categorize their findings. No where else is such an experience possible!
Cost of Program
~ In-school Programs ~

$200/session set – maximum of 25 participants per 2 (50-minute period) sessions (2 days)
Please email and ask for the per participant rate if over the maximum participants per session.

Important Information for Teachers
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