Fossil Sleuths
From Fossil Excavation Sites in the U.S. to your Classroom
Grades 6-9

This unique experience for students provides an opportunity to excavate into a portion of authentic  fossil-bearing gravel in a search for fossils like shark teeth (including megaladon), turtle shell, ammonites & more. Students will act as if they are actually on a fossil fieldtrip excavating fossils from a quadrant.


Paleontologists will:

  • Discuss the variety of fossil types
  • Determine how fossils tell us the age of the Earth
  • Excavate and identify authentic U.S. fossils
  • Create a geologic timeline with the collected fossils

Paleontologists will identify samples, find naturally occurring specimens from the US, then using the characteristics studied, curate their own fossils. You can bring this unique opportunity to your students right in their own classroom!  No where else is such an experience possible (except in the fossil field sites of Florida and the western U.S.)

Fossil Sleuth 1     Fossil Sleuth 4
Cost of Program
~ In-school Programs ~

$200/session set – maximum of 25 participants per 2 (50-minute period) sessions (2 days)
Please email and ask for the per participant rate if over the maximum participants per session.

Important Information for Teachers
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