Everglades Experience
The Everglades...The River of Grass… The Pahayokee... A Biosphere Reserve…
Sunshine Standards
Grades 4-12
Risk Management

Florida’s unique natural treasure and the only ecosystem of its kind on the planet! The survival of the Earth depends, in part, on the level of environmental awareness we develop in our children and maintain in ourselves. The potential for change is unlimited if we develop in our children an awareness and appreciation for our natural environment. We believe that this increased awareness in environmental perception and pleasure is most effective when discovered while actually in the ecosystem itself.

Broward County ParksThe Everglades Experience is a full day field experience which takes place in the Florida Everglades in Conservation Area III in Broward County, Florida at Everglades Holiday Park (21940 Griffin Rd, Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33332). Participants who attend will be involved in an in-depth investigation of a natural sawgrass prairie succession. The area was completely burned during the 1999 drought and has recovered and re-established itself as a biologically diverse community. Students spend the day investigating the biodiversity of the Everglades, exploring the geology of the system, relating critters to the health of the ecosystem, analyzing water from various locations, and understanding the impact of exotic flora and fauna.

Come and experience this unique treasure with us
on our unforgettable trip into the once mystical “river of grass”.
Study the Sawgrass Prairie Community
While slogging through the slough in this unique "river of grass" wildlife biologists will study:
  • Principles of succession
  • Scientific surveys: Hoop Plot & Line Transects (middle & high school only)
  • Adaptations of plants & animals
  • Plant community comparisons (including exotic intrusion)
  • Composition of wetland soils
  • Significance of the aquifer
  • History of Native Americans in the Everglades
  • Ethnobotany
Analyze Laboratory Data
A laboratory provides wildlife biologists the ability to analyze the following:
  • Small "critter” identification (vertebrates and invertebrates)
  • Food chains and food web
  • Comparison of annual water levels
  • Pollutants
  • Water quality samples taken at various locations including: alkalinity, nitrate, phosphate and pH (middle and high school only)
Investigate the Everglades Marsh by Airboat
During the airboat investigation of the Everglades marsh wildlife biologists will study and collect:
  • Water depth, pH, and temperature
  • Bird & other animal populations
  • Water samples
  • “Magic Carpet”
  • Man’s impact on the ecosystem (past, present, future)
  • Island ecology (spoil & natural)
  • Political considerations

Data collected during these field experiences are available for the participating schools for analysis over the entire year. Students realize that water levels, water temperature, acidity, invertebrates, alligator sightings and snail eggs all help contribute to a fuller picture of the health of the ecosystem. This puts them in a better position to make wise decisions concerning policies for preservation and conservation.

On the return trip back to school, the instructor will ask the two teams to share their findings so comparisons can be made. Equipped with the experiences of the day in the Everglades, wildlife biologists will better understand and realize the responsibilities we all must assume for our own “River of Grass”

Cost of Program
*Minimum of 35 students per day*

35-51 students: $42/
Palm Beach, North of Southern Blvd

35-39 students: $52/
40-43 students: $46/
44-51 students: $42/
Palm Beach, South of Southern Blvd & Miami-Dade

35-43 students: $46/
44-51: $42/

Prices above includes county approved transportation

Providing your own transportation: All Counties $34/student
NOTE: One(1) adult free for every ten (10) students. Additional adults are $22/person.
Important Information for Teachers
Check List Prepare for Science Eye to come to your class.
Letter to Parents Print and have each child return by date of the program.
Sunshine State Standards Over 40 Sunshine State Standards are correlated with our field experience!

Student Preparation- Middle

Hoop plot preparation for middle school students.
High school preparation Line transect preparation for high school students.
Itinerary General elementary school Everglades Experience itinerary
Itenerary middle and high school students General middle & high school Everglades Experience itinerary.
Brochure Printable information to share about this program.
Map and Directions: Everglades Holiday Park

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“This was an amazing day. So educational and fun!” Grade 4-Bethune Elem

“Great experience for people of all ages! Loved the enthusiasm of the instructors and my students were highly engaged.” Grade7&8-Silver Lakes Middle School

“Everything was great and well organized! Lots of info for the kids to back.  They’ll be doing an expository writing assignment from this experience!” Grade 5-Pine Crest of Boca

“Excellent day! We look forward to returning.” Grade 4-Croissant Park Elem

“Fabulous from start to finish. The instructors made it fun and educational.” Grade 5-Pine Crest of Boca

“On March 24, I was lucky enough to chaperon a trip to the Everglades with Lyons Creek Middle School. The program you presented to these students is more than an educational experience. You have offered these children a chance at a 'life experience' that they will always remember. There is no better way to influence the mind of a child than through hands on experience, and what you offered could not have been more complete. They learned not only how fragile our environment is, but how they can help preserve it. Your instructors were enthusiastic, informative and entertaining for the entire group. I was honored to be a part of the trip, and I commend you for your professionalism and educational programs.” Grade 6 parent-Lyons Creek Middle School

“This educational experience was a great learning experience. It was full of authentic real world experience. The students had a super time.” Grade 4-American Heritage

“Superb program, very student friendly, parent friendly too. Totally reinforces school curriculum in an exciting way!” Grade 4-Saint David’s Catholic School

“I was impressed with the instructors knowledge and the way they could transfer it down to the children’s level. Great job.” Grade 4-Saint David’s Catholic School

“Definitely the best field trip! Very interactive and a full day of activities.  The instructors were great!” Grade 4-Epiphany Catholic School

“The best field trip experience!” Grade 4-Pinewood Acres School

“Great program-excellent instructors” Grade 4-Pinewood Acres School

“Great trip with awesome instructors!” Grade 6-12-Broward Virtual School

“Your instructors were beyond expectation. Excellent trip.” Grade 6-Lyons Creek Middle School

“This is the most amazing field trip I’ve ever been on.” Grade 6-Lyons Creek Middle School

“Every child should participate on this kind of field trip. It was excellent.” Grade 6-Lyons Creek Middle School

“Relevant and informative. Awesome!” Grade 6-Pioneer Middle School

“The best ever! Keep up the great program.” Grade 4-Croissant Park Elem

“The Everglades is such an important project for our future and I think it is very important to keep preservation our number one goal. Our students learned a lot from this project.” Grade 4 – Royal Palm Beach Elem

“This was an awesome experience! Correlated to our SSS and the mixture of hands-on and bus time utilizes every minute. Way to go!” Grade 4 – Royal Palm Beach Elem

“Another fantastic day! You all are the very best! We learned so much and had a blast! Thank you!!!” Grade 4 – Royal Palm Beach Elem

“Just plain awesome!” J Grade 4 – Royal Palm Beach Elem

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