Busy Bees
Busy Bee
Grades Pre-K2 through Pre-K4

Busy Bees is an entirely different Science Eye experience.  Most of our programs are geared to the classroom setting with groups rotating around to different hands-on activities.  However, we have created a program that is geared for the little ones in an interactive learning experience.  The little entomologists will identify and share their knowledge about insects while the instructor shares fun, cool facts about those insects that “bugs” most of us.  Entomologists will learn how insects help us in our daily lives and have actually taught us!

After learning about some of the different insects they might see in their own back yard, and have learned some of the parts of insects, they will turn into little busy bees themselves. They will learn, and duplicate, how bees communicate where the biggest and best flower patches are using sound and body motions!  “Bee” ready though, once the little busy bees get their bee groove on, you won’t want to miss it! So have your cameras ready for the best bee dances in the garden!!!  We are completely responsible for any fun, laughter, learning, and appreciation for the environment that you and your children will have with Busy Bees!

Cost of Program
~ In-school, After Care, Camp and Weekend Programs ~
$125/program - maximum of 25 participants per (30-60 minutes) session

Please email and ask for the per participant rate if over the maximum participants per session.

Important Information for Teachers
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