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Science Eye offers unique, educational programs and resources for teachers, home schoolers, organization and clubs. Our Field Studies and In-school Safaris are engaging, hands-on, inquiry-based programs that enable students to explore the world around them, gain new insights and make them aware that science is an exciting part of everything they do. Our goal is to have fun while instilling self-confidence, develop critical thinking skills and to create a positive relationship with the environment.

All of our programs meet the Next Generation Sunshine State Standards for Science (NGSSS) as well as the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS).

We don't just do S.T.E.M., Science Eye goes full S.T.E.E.M. ahead! (Science Technology Engineering Environment & Math)
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Summer Events

Summer Camps, bring a Science Safari adventure to your campers. Watch your campers play the role of an actual scientist!


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Summer Camp

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Science billboardJune 16-20
June 23-27
July 7-11
July 14-18
August 4-8

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SE Saturday Safaries
2014 Schedule
February 15 - Take a walk on the Wild Side
March 15 - Find Your Pot-o-Gold
April 19 - Easter Marsh Bunny
May 17 - Butterflies in Bloom
June 21 - Create Your Own Marsh Animal
July 19 - Marsh Landing
August 16 - Solar S'mores
September 20 - Bear Huggers
October 18 - Marshes in Double Toil & Trouble
November 15 - Calling all Florida Wild Turkeys
December 20 - Santa Bob Claus
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Whats Hot
new safarisIn-Class Science Safaris

Awesome Amphibians - Herpetologists have a chance to explore the class Amphibia and they will understand why the oldest land vertebrates lead a "double life". You've heard them call at night and now you will know which call is which with our Frog Caller I.D. Call for more information. Web page coming soon!
Beautiful Birds - Ornithologists explore the class Aves and what makes this group so diverse. They focus on the unique adaptations that allow birds to survive on every continent by exploring beak shape and function, plumage, and bird calls.
Call for more information. Web page coming soon!
Engineering Marvels: Bridges - Putting the E in STEM, this engineering marvel of a program helps our future Civil Engineers make the connections in a team effort to construct the best bridge. More...
Fabulous Fish - Ichthyologists delve into the oldest vertebrate group on earth. The diversity of body shape, tail fins, mouth and teeth, and scales allow fish to inhabit a variety of places. With this knowledge young scientist will be able to identify and design their own species.
Call for more information. Web page coming soon!
Happy Birds Catapult - Our modern medieval engineers discover the science behind the catapult. They experiment with the principals of force (potential & kinetic energy) and motion as they launch their ballista birds, understanding the effects of tension, torsion and gravity.
Call for more information. Web page coming soon!
Marvelous Mammals - This is one “hairy” situation your students will love to have in the classroom. We explore a group of animals that we all love, but learn that there is so much more than a cute kitten playing with some yarn on a computer screen. 
Call for more information. Web page coming soon!
Productive Plants - This Kingdom is often taken for granted in the critical role they have on our planet producing energy and recycling nutrients. Our budding botanists learn the difference between trees, shrubs and grasses as well as learn to identify the parts of the plant.
Call for more information. Web page coming soon!
Field Study Safaris
Experiences your students will never forget!

Everglades Experience - Explore Florida's unique natural treasure as a Wildlife Biologist and discover the mysteries it has to offer. Our one-of-a-kind Everglades Experience is for grades 4 and up. more...

Location: Everglades Holiday Park, Broward's "Newest" park!
Broward County Parks

Coastal Exploration - Come explore the beach through the eyes of a Marine Biologist and discover the wonders it has to offer.  For grades 3 and up. more...

Coastal Program
Location: John U. Lloyd State Park
Safaris Coming Soon
MOUSECAR 500 - Young mechanical engineers come together as a pit crew to build the fastest mouse trap car. While building they begin to understand the principals of physics including Newton's Laws of Motion, Law of Conservation of Energy and more. Which team will come together and when the checkered flag!


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